Phase 1 – Ghost Army

ghost_armyThe Ghost Army was the nickname for the division of the US Army engaged in tactical deception during WW2 known officially as the 23rd Headquarters Special Troops. A special unit of this division, the 3132 Signal Service Company Special handled sonic deception under the direction of Colonal Hilton Railey. In 1945, 3 members of the Ghost Army, Hypolite Morton, Walter Slepian and Bill Arnett defected from the US military to set up an independent organization that they named AUDiNT. Its objective was to submerge the frequency-based phenomenon that was accidentally discovered by the Ghost Army (when they deployed 3 turntables to fabricate deceptive soundscapes intended to deceive the Nazi’s as to the true numbers and whereabouts of the allied forces). It is less well known however, that apart from deception, The Ghost Army are said to have pioneered powerful techniques in heterodyning (synthesizing tones by combining different frequencies) to use in acoustic weaponry. Wishing to keep these powerful sonic weapons out of government and military hands, AUDiNT’s founding members smashed the original battlefield discs, and split the waveformed content of the original master recordings into small packages of sound which were then discretely embedded into sound effects and stereo fidelity records.

Throughout the following decades AUDiNT were responsible for the mass production of the test tone record and special effects vinyl - a collection that ended up in flee markets, thrift stores and church bazaars, forming what is known as ‘The Dead Record Network’. It was through the Dead Record Network that we distributed these encrypted recordings as an open secret, ensuring that, in the future, the vital bits of analogue information concerning the ultimate vibrational weapon discovered during WWII would remain in a fragmented social circulation.