Phase 2 – Wandering Soul

logo_coffinEncountering a political about turn, Marshall Spector left AUDiNT for the US Army in 1965, taking with him insights learned from his betrayed colleagues, Parker and van Phong in the research unit. Backed by the resources of the US government, he engaged in experimental deployments during the Vietnam conflict. He became involved in 1967 with the Psyops dept. and travelled to South East Asia to play an instrumental role in the Wandering Soul and Urban Funk Campaigns which involved helicopter mounted loudspeakers (The Curdler or 'People Repeller' and the ultrasound/infrasound heterodyning device The Squark Box) playing fabricated haunted soundpieces based on local music, folklore and ghost stories to tap into the Buddhist belief systems of the Vietcong and Western rock music.