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2009 - January - Unsound Systems v.1 (as part of Embedded Art)
Academie Der Kunst, Berlin, Germany

AUDiNT’s installation Unsound Systems explored the fringes of military-scientific research into the use of sound as a weapon by focusing on the boundaries of audible perception, the fractionally inaudible vibration of infrasound and ultrasound, what we refer to as the field of unsound. The objective was to use low frequency speakers emitting almost inaudible sound and producing a tactile sub-bass pressure field alongside directional audio devices, which use ultrasound to produce highly directional sound beams. The work aimed to create a dark, motionless, apparently quiet space. It was nonetheless, a resonant spatiality that spilt and extended beyond its 4 walls, the intense pressure of infrasound literally embracing users as they navigated the space, encountering guided voices emitted from a number of highly localized, directional audio beams. Content for these beams included excerpts from the extensive AUDiNT research archive.