Test Sites

2011 – June - Dead Record Office
Art in General, New York, USA
In 2011, AUDiNT continued to make public its archive records. Enlisting a new member, Jon Cohrs, AUDiNT produced the Ghostcoder software which allowed it to begin, in encrypted fashion, to upload its research archive through the trojan horse of bit torrented popular music files from the last 60 years, providing a digital parallel to the Dead Record Network set up by the original members of AUDiNT. The uploading occurs in a fabricated shack entitled the Dead Record Office. In actuality, the DRO is half office, half shrine, functioning as both a repository for AUDiNTs research archive, but also a sacred space, testament to the distributed efforts of AUDiNT members, over the last 7 decades, to re-purpose military research relating to acoustic weaponry, in order to improve previously occulted attempts to open up the 3rd Ear. During the ongoing process of uploading, AUDiNT have been contacted through the Ghostcoder software channel by a correspondent going under the name the Walter Mancer. The messages from Walter Mancer (stored in a Dossier, the WMD) were comprised of computer generated voices encrypted using the Ghostcoder and embedded into sound effects records. The content of the messages contain secret information regarding the US military's experimentation with infrasound and directional ultrasound speakers in Iraq, a project entitled Phantom Hailer. The Phantom Hailer campaign, according to the WMD, involved the attempt to manipulate crowd behaviour in Iraqi cities by projecting voices from the audio spotlight and LRAD type systems at bodies in a way that makes it difficult to discern whether the voice is coming from that persons own consciousness, or projected from the outside. With Phantom Hailer, the brain itself has become the battleground. In the phase 1, the Ghost Army campaign attempted to simulate the sound of the enemy. In phase 2, Wandering Soul attempted to simulate the sound of dead allies communicating from beyond the grave. In phase 3, Phantom Hailer entails the attempt to simulate the self, or even question that the voices in our heads are actually possessed by the subject in the first place. This New York test site features a new upgraded version of the Unsound System, a bespoke Infrasound speaker system, and 3 directional ultrasound speakers. The Dead Record Office also consists of, for the 1st time in the US, access to some of AUDiNT’s research archive, and an upload portal that doubles as a sacred space dedicated to the opening of the 3rd ear.